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Suntoy Co. is a company that proposes cleaner thermal equipment by making use of the experience and the latest technology cultivated in boiler equipment since its establishment in 1960.
We can comprehensively undertake the design, manufacture and maintenance of incinerators, animal incinerators, pet crematoriums, mobile crematoriums, dust collectors, and hot air furnaces. We will propose equipments that can reduce the running costs.

Manufacturing that is in harmony with people and the environment

Manufacturing that is in harmony with people and the environment

As an environment-related machine design and manufacturing manufacturer, we have plentiful experience in designing and manufacturing original designs and manufacturing of pet crematoriums, incinerators, dust collectors, deodorizing furnaces, etc. with the motto “Products that satisfy all: function, quality and cost.” With outstanding technology and skills, we strive to manufacture high-quality products.

Through daily improvements and innovations, we have applied for numerous patents and made efforts to meet customer needs. As a result, we have sales achievements not only in Japan but also overseas. Fortunately, we have been able to see many fruitful results to date, thanks to the warm support of many people, especially our users.

In the future, with the ongoing environmental problems, we have entered an era in which “environmentally friendly activities” is one of the main priorities in terms of corporate social responsibility. We hope that by providing environmentally friendly products, environmental conservation activities will further expand.

Going forward, we will continue to look back to the origin of our desire to continuously be a creative company that is useful to people, and that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Company Information

Suntoy Co.
Tomoaki Fujii
629-11, Shikawashima-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Prefecture Postal Code: 512-0934
Secondhand dealer license number
1961 December 25th
Employee number
21 people
Main Bank
Mizuho Bank Yokkaiichi-shi Branch, Hyakugo Bank Matsumoto Branch
Main Business
Manufacture and Sale of Pet Crematoriums
Manufacture and Sale of Mobile Cremation Vehicles
Manufacture and Sale of Small Incinerators
Manufacture and Sale of Deodorizing Furnace and Hot Air Furnace
Manufacture and Sale of Heat Trematment and Dust Collectors
Sale of Refractory Materials
Sale of Burners and Combustion Related Products
Construction of furnace, can manufacturing, and plumbing

Company History

Year 1960
Founded at Oomiya-machi, Yokkaichi-shi as Fujii Kogyosho (Industrial Factory)
Year 1961
Established Fujii Furnace Manufacturing Co., with capital of 500,000 yen
Year 1975
Increased capital to 5 million yen
Year 1993
Moved the main quarters to Kawashima-cho, Yokkaichi-shi due to increased production. Changed name to Santoi Co.
Year 1995
Increased capital to 10 million yen
Year 1997
Acquired factory land at Kawajima-cho due to increased production
Year 1999
Developed a dioxin countermeasure incinerator
Year 2002
Developed Model 750 Animal Incinerator
Year 2008
Start Operation of Yokkaichi Pet Funeral Home
Year 2010
Obtained Patent No. 4625359 “Animal Cremation Car
Year 2012
Obtained Patent No. 5032103 “Animal Cremation Equipment”
Year 2016
Developed Model 650 Animal Crematorium
Year 2017
Start Operation of Kuwana Pet Memorial
Year 2017
Obtained Patent No. 5032096 “Animal Cremation Stretcher”
Year 2019
Obtained Patent No. 6552990 “Control method of combustion temperature in animal cremation equipment and animal cremation equipment”

CEO Biography

Born in July
1985 March
Graudated from Chuuo University Engineering Major
2004 May
Became CEO