Dasuteele PK-25S

About Dasuteele PK-25S

Measured value of dioxins 0.011ng-TEQ / m³ N

It is a crematorium with a structure that shortens the cremation time and completely burns by injecting high-pressure air from the side walls together with an auxiliary burner. It is equipped with a secondary burner and a cyclone dust collector, which has improved its environmental performance compared to its past models.

Characteristics of Dasuteele PK-25S


With our company’s unique special pan and ceramic mat, the crematorium also shortens the cremation time and suppresses the odor after cremation.

【Incineration capacity】Supports up to 25kg (Small animals to mid-sized dogs


Since it does not have an operation panel, it can be easily operated with a switch.

■Dust Collector

Since it is a model that can be equipped with a cyclone dust collector, it can limit the amount of dust generated and comply with regulations such as that of Soka City.

■Compliance with Environmental Measures and Laws

Although this is a small crematorium, it clears the standards for dioxin levels by a significant amount. It meets all the structural standards of the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law for incinerators.
By equipping the secondary burner as standard equipment, the unburned gas generated from the primary combustion chamber is efficiently reburned at a high temperature, and the generation of smoke and odor is suppressed to the maximum.