Dasuteele 650

About Dasuteele 650

Measured value of dioxins 0.011ng-TEQ / m³ N

It is a crematorium that uses a batch-type batch processing combustion method. By forcibly ventilating high-temperature air from nozzles installed at appropriate intervals in the secondary combustion chamber, this crematory has a structure that completely burns the unburned gas generated from the primary combustion.

Characteristics of Dasuteele 650


【Furnace Structure】By using a special material for the combustion chamber, this crematorium can shortens the arrival time to 800 ° and the cooling time. With our unique special pan and ceramic mat, the crematorium also shortens the cremation time and suppresses the odor after cremation.

【Emplacement Structure】It is a structure that allows you to pull out the pan from inside the furnace onto the opened door to collect the remains.

【Incineration capacity】Supports up to 30kg (Small animals to mid-sized dogs).


■ Control Panel and Temperature Management

The incineration temperature can be freely controlled with a simple switch operation.
Since you can check the temperature on the digital display, you can cremate according to your wishes:
"I want to keep the remains at a clean state at a lower temperature."
"I want to shorten the cremation time with a higher temperature."

■Compliance with Environmental Measures and Laws

Primary combustion chamber: It is equipped with two burners: main burner and an auxiliary burner for an efficient cremation.
Secondary combustion chamber: By equipping the secondary burner as standard equipment, the unburned gas generated from the primary combustion chamber is efficiently reburned at a high temperature, and the generation of smoke and odor is suppressed to the maximum. It meets all the structural standards of the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law for incinerators.