NR Model About NR05-1412・NR08-1412

About NR Model About NR05-1412・NR08-1412

Dioxins Measured Value 0.22ng-TEQ / m³ N・Soot and Dust Measured value 0.003g / m³N

Dioxin Special Measures Law Report-free model

Characteristics of NR Model About NR05-1412・NR08-1412


It has a wide slot and you can easily put in large items.

■Dustproof measures

It achieves high-speed combustion of incinerated products and there is almost no unburned residue. It is also equipped with a dust collector. There is almost no scattering of sparks.

■Objects to be incinerated/Installation Examples

Ideal for carcasses such as fresh flowers, livestock, laboratory animals, animal droppings and humid substances with high water content from the kitchen.
Pet breeding, graveyards, poultry farming, restaurants, etc.