Dasuteele 695

About Dasuteele 695

Measured value of dioxins 0.015ng-TEQ / m³ N

It is a crematorium that uses a batch-type batch processing combustion method. By forcibly ventilating high-temperature air from nozzles installed at appropriate intervals in the secondary combustion chamber, this crematory has a structure that completely burns the unburned gas generated from the primary combustion. This model can cremate multiple pets at once and is durable, making it a popular choice by local governments.

Characteristics of Dasuteele 695

■ Structure

【Furnace Structure】This crematorium uses a thick refractory material and is durable. It has a robust and durable structure. Additionally, it is possible to attach a temperature recorder and operate the crematorium remotely. The temperature of the outer wall is 70 ℃ or less.

【Emplacement Structure】Using the stretcher style, it is a structure that allows you to emplace as well as collect the remains conveniently. You can carry in multiple pets easily at once.

【Incineration capacity】Supports up to 50kg (Small animals to big-sized dogs). It is also possible to cremate multiple pets at once.

【Fuel】Kerosene, LP gas, City Gas

■Control Panel and Temperature Management

The incineration temperature can be freely controlled with a simple switch operation.

Since you can check the temperature on the digital display, you can cremate according to your wishes:
"I want to keep the remains at a clean state at a lower temperature."
"I want to shorten the cremation time with a higher temperature."

■Compliance with Environmental Measures and Laws

By equipping the secondary burner as standard equipment, the unburned gas generated from the primary combustion chamber is efficiently reburned at a high temperature, and the generation of smoke and odor is suppressed to the maximum. Additionally, it meets all the structural standards of the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law for incinerators. Although this is a small crematorium, it clears the standards for dioxin levels by a significant amount.